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DCCC-Worldlink-ASHAJyothiUSA Fall 2012 Tournament Registrations Starts Today 9/8/2012 (See Details)

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite all the kids to participate in the First Ever DCCC-Worldlink-AshajyothiUSA Fall Tournament in 2012. In the past AshajyothiUSA http://www.ashajyothiusa.org/ used to conduct this tournament. This is an open invitation to all the Youth Cricket lovers in the DFW Metroplex.  This is just the beginning of Serious Cricket in DFW area. We have seen the potential of the kids and are trying to provide them that opportunity and lay a good platform for them.

Important Announcements:

1) Bookmark http://www.youthcricket.net/ for all future announcements/Ground Directions /Schedule/Results/Teams/Scorecards/Tournament Rules
2) Our contact details are on the website in the About Us section. Save these number and feel free to call any one of us for any questions related to the Kids Training or the Tournament.
3) If any parent doesnt like to receive future emails, please feel free to send me a reply and I will take their email off the mailing list

Registration Details:

Please Register as soon as you see the email. Parents it's really important that each and every kid must be registered and only kids who have registered will be allowed to participate in the tournament.

Go to www.youthcricket.net and Register your kids in the appropriate age group Under 10, Under 12 and Above 12 years (Upper limit is below 17 years)

Kids Under 10 years (Under is the Key word, 10 years and 1 day is above 10 years old). If the parents thinks their kids are skillful enough to play in the upper age group, they need to mention this in the Comment section during registration. Upper age group kids cannot play in the lower age group teams.

We are expecting a minimum of  4 Teams in each Age Group. Tournament Format and details will be published after the Registration process is over.

All matches shall be played in Under 10, Under 12 and above 12 Age. Players must be under the relevant age as at September 15th 2012

Tournament Details:

Tournament Start Date:     Saturday, September 15, 2012
Tournament  End  Date:     Sunday, October 28, 2012 (This may extend to November)
Registration Start Date:    Saturday, September 8, 2012
Registration  End  Date:    Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Registration  Fees:   $ 20
Registration  Status:         Open!

Grounds: 1) Russell Creek Ground G3 2) Russell Creek Ground G4 and 3) Russell Creek Ground G7 4) Allen Ground at Alma

Time: 5:00 pm - 7pm on Sundays Only on Russell Creek Grounds and Saturdays on Allen Ground at Alma 5:00 pm - 7pm on

Teams Formation:

If your son or daughter is not part of any team we the DCCC Organizers will attempt to make the teams for under 10, under 12 and above 12 years old on Wednesday after 5pm. We will publish those teams on the www.youthcricket.net under the appropriate tournament

Tournament Rules: (Full Rules will updated in the Rules/Documents Section on Sunday)

Few rules are shown below

1)  Legal bowling action required.
2)  Play will be Seven a-side
3)  Six Overs Game
4)  There are runs for Byes and Leg byes
5)  No LBWs
6)  Wicket Keeper Cannot bowl through out the game
7)  Minimum of 3 bowlers are required to bowl 2 overs each, there is no limit for the number of bowlers but legal bowling action is required

More rules will be updated on Sunday

Note: All players are required to register before the registration deadline and submit their registration fees by paypal during the registration process . Players can use a paypal account OR any credit card to pay the fees on the secured paypal website. A player will not be considered as registered unless the registration fees has been payed in full via paypal.
Note: After you submit this page you will be redirected to the confirmation and payment page where you can continue to paypal to complete the fees payment. After paypal payment process is complete, you will see a confirmation message which will indicate that your registration is complete. Please inform the organizers, if you get any errors during this process.

DCCC-Wordlink Youth Program Coordinator.

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