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Parental Assistance for the Fall Tournament 2012

In order for your child to have the opportunity to play in a properly organized and supervised team, we require your assistance in some form or another. Our initial requirement is for team managers for each of the teams. Obviously this represents a commitment for the whole fall season and understandably may be difficult for some parents. Committed parents please call or email Arun Vittala, Suhas Naik or Kuljit-Singh Nijjar (Contact Details are in the About us Section)

There are, however, a number of other areas in which you can be of assistance, including setting up the grounds, umpiring, scoring and assistance with the coaches. Such tasks only need to be performed by each player's parents two or three times a during the tournament to ensure the smooth running of the teams.

Naturally, players and coaches alike will appreciate just supporting your child's team.

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