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Proposed Trip Plan for the CW Under 15 team in LA

Dear Parents,

Here is the proposed plan. Please let us know how many parents are making their own arrangements for this trip. How many parents want DYCL to make the arrangements for the travel as we are trying to book this as a group event to get discount in the air fare. Parents are allowed to accompany their kids during the travel but cannot stay in the same room. 

Please call Vamsi Krishna Chada 817-371-0801 so that he can start making the travel arrangements ASAP.  We really need to know the head count of how many Tickets he should be booking. This is Very urgent as the Airfare is going up Every day because of the Thanks Giving Weekend.

We would need the exact name for Every player and their DOB as a confirmation that are planing on this trip as mentioned in the Passport so that we can go ahead and make the reservations.

 1. The Hosting team has picked the hotel as AIRTEL PLAZA HOTEL, Address 7277 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406 http://www.airtelplaza.com/ Every team that is participating in this tournament has to stay at this hotel. This is very close to the grounds. Apart from this these kids can interacte with the other kids and make new friends.

2. The rate is going be determined in a couple of days by the local association.

3. There will be 3 games on November 29th, November 30th and 1st of December

4. We will play Central East Region, North West Region and South West Region (host region)

5. The host will provide the grounds all turf pitches, balls for the games, umpires for the games and lunches on game days

6. We as DYCL will book the hotel rooms for the kids and book ground and air transportation for the kids. Parents will have to pay the cost upfront once the dollar figure is assigned.

7. We leave on 28th and will return on the 1st if we can get a flight on the first or on the 2nd of December.  The game will be scheduled based on our flight.  We could finish early if we have a 9 pm flight.

8. There are no practice facilities but we can use the ground for practices but cannot use any pitch (turf) for practices.

9. We need to have all the kids with ID’S or bring their passport while traveling.  The manager will have them with him during the trip

10. There are currently no plans for any  group dinners with the rest of the teams but they are working on it.

11. No formal clothing like jacket and tie is required for this trip

12. They are going to be 40 over games each day and the rules are going to be standard rules for the most part and the coach will let the players know of any exceptions.

13. Dinners for all the nights are our responsibility

14. Transportation is our responsibility

15. Curfew time and in hotel rules will be given to the players during the trip.

16. Parents who are traveling can meet with their kids at the allotted times and cannot disturb the players during the game.

17. All the on field strategies and ideas will be discussed by the coach before during and after the games.

18. We will have a team meeting each night with the entire team on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  Time to be determined by Coach and Manager each day.

In the Spirit of Cricket

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