Dear Parents,

Let me take this opportunity to thank each parents for registering your kids for this fall 2013 youth Training Camp. The registration is kept open for the next two weeks Until September 21st. First of all its a privilege for these kids to be trained under the coaching of players of International repute like Asif Mujtaba & Mervyn Dillon, State players Dhandapani Devarasan, Arun Vittala, and also some specialist coaches local in Dallas (Raj Shimpi, Vamsi Krishna Chada, Veer Patel). Suhas Naik is still recovering from his knee surgery.

Coach Victor Musasia,
We just received an email update from
Victor's Son that his father was involved in an accident and is currently recovering. We shall all pray for his speedy recovery as he was very excite to be with the Dallas Youth Cricket League kids.

Summer Camp 2013
We as the coaches and Management of the program thoroughly enjoyed the T20 (under 12 games) and 30 overs (Under 17 games) played during the summer season. We also enjoyed coaching kids during Sunday evenings with specific skill training.

Fall Camp 2013
Starting this fall we are looking forward to take it to a very higher level with the help of the experts mentioned above. We hope your kids enjoy it and learn to be better cricketers in the future. In the interest of youth for this fall program to be affective there are couple of guidelines which is to be followed by each and every parents.

These coaches have asked us to make sure that the parents give them space during the entire training sessions.  Please refrain from entering the coaching arena for the comfort of the coaches and let them focus as much as they can to train your kids. 

1) Please be there 15 mins early at the Camp Venue Russell Creek Ground G3.
2) Please provide your kids with sufficient amount of water/fluids (Do Not Forget this)
3) Please allow your kids alone in the coaching arena so that they can mingle easily with the coach. Which in-turn helps the coach to know your kids better.
4) Remember to Leave the Parks and Fields Clean: Field usage is a privilege given to us by the City of Plano and Allen Parks. Please show respect of playing fields by taking away all garbage when  your practice is over. Garbage in – Garbage out.
5) Coaches are responsible for conducting safe, positive and instructive practices.

Under 10 Coaching starts at 5:00pm Ends at 7:00 pm
Advanced level (Above 10) coaching starts @ 4:30pm Ends at 7:00pm

Venue: Russel Creek Grounds 3500 McDermott Road, Plano, TX

Camp Start Date September 8th Sunday 2013 at 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Camp End Date November 10th Sunday 2013 at 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Coaches will Each kid on the Day 1 will be screened and put in a level that the coach finds him appropriate of. Each kid will be classified into different levels depending on his current skills. This is to focus at their different skills at different levels.

I am going to repeat the following once again as the kids w
ill be working out quite a bit during these 10 sessions it is extremely important that the parents bring sufficient fluids and leave it with the kids and make sure everything is put in their kit bag because the coaches do not want parents in the playing area.

Please try to bring the necessary kit for the kids, we recommend if your kids have all the gear they should bring it to every sessions. (Beginners kids should bring the Bats if they already have) and if you do not have the Bats for the kid please get in touch with me via email so that we can get you in touch with Asif Mujtaba's sports shop.

Once again congratulations on joining the program and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and your kids as we move along.

The goal of this camp is to increase the level of each kid by a grade which is in line with the vision of the Dallas Youth Cricket League to create a pool of talent which can represent their state, zone or country when the need or opportunity arises. We are in talks with USACA and USYCA to provide opportunity for our kids in this aspect. Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this regard.

Good Luck at the Camps !!!
Kuljit-Singh Nijjar