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How to know if the games are Cancelled due to the bad Weather (Read Details)

Dear Parents,

Most of you have been calling or texting me if the game is still on or not. I am being very clear with this rule below. Coaches and their players must appear at the field ready to play as scheduled, regardless of the weather. However Please check the announcement section 2 hrs prior to the game. I will update if the game is cancelled due to weather or if City Officials have closed the park. Do not assume otherwise or your team will loose 2 points.

If you dont see an update from me then the game is being played.

48. WASHOUTS/ Bad Weather/Bad Light:
a) Coaches and their players must appear at the field ready to play as scheduled, regardless of the weather. Failure to appear will result in a forfeit of the match. Only the Tournament officials, City Officials or umpires may cancel or postpone a match. At the sight of lightning all games will cease and play shall not resume until Tournament Director determines that a minimum of 30 minutes has passed with no visible lightning.
b) If the game is not completed due to bad light or bad weather then the game may be rescheduled. Rescheduling attempts will be made as fairly as possible, considering umpiring and field availability and normal progress of the competition. In case, a game has to be stopped/cancelled before completion then two situations arise:
c) If there is enough time available later, the match will be continued from the point where it was left (Note that no changes in the team roster, as declared during the start, will be allowed for continuation; the bowling team can however employ as many as 2 substitute fielders. For any more substitute fielders, approval of the Umpires is necessary).
d) If there isn't enough time the game would be considered a tie, and 2 point would be awarded to each team. If the game cannot be rescheduled 2 points would be awarded to each team
e) The final decision, after consultation with the umpires, will be made by the organizers. Interference, of other teams will not be entertained.

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